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Product Description: Trac Outdoors Pot Puller
This light, powerful, recreational pot puller runs quiet on 12V power at 150 feet/min. Stores easily and features added corrosion protection for salt water use and a swivel pulley. Uses TRAC power connectors and has overload protection. Aluminum bracket, stainless steel roller & screws, nylon wheel. 12 gauge, marine grade tinned wire battery cable. The 3-position boom can be used in it's extended or shortened positions or can be folded for trailering or storage. Easily pulls 1-4 prawn traps or 1 crab trap. All steel gears assure higher durability and longer life than the competition. Fits Scotty 1023 mounts. Current: 4A no load, 30A max. load. 2 Year warranty.
ALT Part Numbers: TOP T10250, 28-5890, 28-5891
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